$400 haircuts for John Edwards? Phooey! How about a $35,000 tanning bed?

In the latest issue of Palindromes, we take a look at Gov. Sarah Palin’s penchant for perfect tans, as evidenced by her quick installment of a tanning bed in the Alaska Governor’s Mansion upon taking it over in 2007.

Narco News has the goods, and more (including an aside about the tanning industry and the negative health affects associated with the practice).

Asked whether taxpayer funds were used to equip the Alaska Governor’s Mansion for Palin’s tanning bed, Public Facilities spokesman Wetherell confirmed that the mansion’s electrical system had been upgraded early in Palin’s term. He insisted that the electrical work was not prompted by the extra needs of a tanning bed, but, rather was part of a project undertaken to bring the historic mansion’s wiring up to current building standards. Since governors (and vice presidents) are generally expected to be healthy role models for the nation’s youth, Governor Palin’s darkening secret raises Edwardsian questions about her habit, which medical professionals and organizations have identified as a threat to public health, a cause of skin cancer, and a problem of abuse and addiction among teenagers and others through a condition that they call “tanorexia.”

Push this one as hard as you can.

[UPDATE] I just talked to Roger Wetherell, the Chief Communications Officer for the Alaska Deptartment of Transportation and Public Facilities, and the source for the Narco News post.  He confirms that Palin purchased the tanning bed in early 2007 with her own money.  “She did have a tanning bed but she but it with her own money,” he said.  “She had it installed with her own money.”

Now I want to know two things: 1) How much did it cost, and 2) How much per month did it cost Alaska taxpayers to power the thing?