I’ve been hunkered down all week in a fugue-like work state (though not like some of my colleagues, who have slept about 10 hours in three days). But it’s all for good: we’ve finally launched Change.org, the next generation. Here’s a bit from what I wrote on the Change blog:

We started with a simple question being asked by millions of people: What can I do? If I want to stop global warming, what can I do? If I want to end homelessness, what can I do? If I support gay rights, what can I do? You get the picture. To make the answer to this urgent question clearer than ever, we've left behind the social networking model of engagement and headed straight for the land of the blogs. Our idea was simple: while the old version of the site was good at helping people connect to each other, it didn't do enough to help them get meaningfully involved in the issues they cared about. The experience was too fleeting, and too shallow. That's why we're launching more than a dozen issue-focused blogs (with more to come) covering the most important causes of our time: global warming, immigration, genocide, homelessness, and much, much more. All of the "changes" on the old site have now been aligned with these portals. The idea is to combine the bottom-up energy that drives social change with an editorial focus and filter, turning Change.org into the world's first online media hub for social action. Each of the new blogs is run by dedicated editors -- activists and experts, all -- who blog throughout the day, reacting to the news, profiling people and organizations, and highlighting concrete actions you can take. Just as with the old site, it's easy to sign a petition or make a pledge; these actions are embedded in the site and clearly connected to the content. These blogs drill down deep. They approach the issues from all sides, featuring detailed histories, top ten lists of readings and videos, the most raging controversies, profiles of nonprofits, and more. And that's not including the daily, witty commentary you'll find on blogs devoted to issues like women's rights, criminal justice, and the Middle East. You can find a list of all of the new blogs here.

So go check it out! Bury yourself in some or all of the 13 blogs we’re launching today. And let us know what you think.