Stylish boyWhere’ve I been these last few days? Most of you have probably (correctly) guessed that, in lieu of blogging, I’ve been, um, building a relationship with Arlo.

But one doesn’t preclude the other. So here’s making a stab at a comeback, though I’ve been here for years.

The piece that got me off my butt: a typically clear and far-reaching post from Clay Shirky on the death of the newspaper industry, and the complaints from some, including Ron Rosenbaum, that they’ve been blindsided by effacement of print media via new media.

So I'm calling bullshit on the Rosenbaum thesis, because no one has been "caught up in this great upheaval." Caught up? That makes it sound like a tornado. This change has been more like seeing oncoming glaciers ten miles off, and then deciding not to move.

This one is making the rounds, of course, but I wanted to add my voice to the choir, and to intone the mighty creed: glad I work online.