A bunch of relief will start flowing in to Niger soon. The pictures of starving African children have worked. I can’t wait until the next famine, when we can see a whole new round of horrifying pictures trying their best to jostle us from our slumber.

Mumbai, though, is a little boring, isn’t it? Indians drown in monsoon waters all the time, don’t they?

As I’ve posted before, we all love a good missing-person story. So it’s sad to see this one end. But really, in the face of more pressing emergencies, should this really get this kind of repeated attention? As it is, in Niger alone there’s a possible threat to one million people’s lives, but the story of this missing girl and her mother gets repeated attention.

The story was good, however, for this fantastic, off-the-cuff haiku spoken by the lead investigator in the case:

The search at the pond is over," Roy Trump told CNN. "It's unfortunate, of course, but there was nothing there. We're finished at the pond."

Let’s roll that out in poem form:

The search at the pond is over, It’s unfortunate, of course, but there was nothing there. We’re finished at the pond.

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