That’s it, Obama’s got the Jewish vote:


But seriously folks, I hear that Obama received a grand reception at AIPAC, where, according to a source, he has “100%” of their support. In other words, he didn’t stray from script of standard American support for Israel as it’s been practiced for the last 30 years, including a call for a united Jerusalem.

Is Obama sincere? His history suggest so, as he’s stayed pretty consistent on Israel ever since entering public life.

While this may be good tactical move – 85 year old bubbes in West Palm Beach will be heartened by the news – what does it mean for those of us who sit to the left of AIPAC at the political seder table, and are inclined to support organizations like the newly-sprung up J Street? Despite my support for Obama, I’m disappointed that either he really holds hawkish views on Israel or that he believe he must hew to the center-right if he wants to be President.