Ttr Biggins Turkish Blur 93

[Wow, I couldn’t spell anything]

Last year I started go to a Turkish bath house in the East Village about once a month. It was so much fun: I would get totally overheated, jump in a freezing pool, rinse, and repeat. People sometimes make made jokes about sexual behavior there, but I never say saw anything.

Now, there’s this:

An ex-masseuse at the famed Russian and Turkish Baths says sexual high jinks at the East Village spa were too much for her to deal with - and she's a former call girl and dominatrix. In a $100 million Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit, Susan Shellogg says she was "was strongly urged" by her bosses "to engage in sexual activity with clients," and was routinely exposed to male-on-female, female-on-female, male-on-male and solo sex acts - and that doesn't include the fetish porn she was told to watch. "This was a terrible way to earn a living," said Shellogg's lawyer, Mark Lubelsky. "This goes beyond the bounds of decent civilized society."

I honestly had no idea.