This is a strange article titled “Celebrity Gossip Perplexes Vince Vaughan,” located in the Foofy News section of this web site. Who are the writers of AP entertainment news, I wonder, and who are the editors at Yahoo! who decide to include this vital piece of information? Is it more or less important than the news that TV guide is changing its format?

Maybe I’m overly sensitive to this kind of fluff, but placing this article in this section of web site is like celebrity culture looking at itself in the mirror.

He has this advice for those who are obsessed with celebrity gossip: "Go kiss someone and go get something to eat and take a nap, you're going to be fine, kid."

It’s like opening a copy of People and reading, “What we do is completely ridiculous.”

The best part, though, is that after they get the commentary on celebrity out of the way, the hard-hitting questions start:

Vaughn said he wouldn't be good at picking up women at a wedding because he doesn't like blind dates. "You don't really know the person. You're kind of forced into the situation where you're not really comfortable," the 35-year-old actor said. "It is easier, I think, to meet someone and say, `Let's meet out somewhere. Or both bring our friends.' And that way, there's less of a pressure on it, you're more comfortable."

Thank the lord for that piece of insight.

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