I just read that Yahoo! bought del.icio.us. Truthfully, I have no idea how I feel about this, but instinctually I don’t like it. I have an aversion to big business, no matter what form it takes, even if it’s isn’t doing evil, like Google claims. I try not to be naive about the reality of the world – like it or not, I must use Time Warner for my Internet and cable, I watch Curb on HBO, I have credit lines through Citibank and MBNA, I love using Gmail, etc. But to some degree, the Internet is supposed to represent freedom from these unfortunate ties, no? And the sale of del.icio.us is especially tough. It’s so special to me and many others because it allows us to construct our own semantic web apart from how the big boys and girls would like to see it organized.

But I also love Flickr, and Yahoo! snapped them up, too. So far I’ve heard no complaints about that deal. So I’ll reserve my judgment until I see what Yahoo! plans to do with social bookmarking.

Yahoo! and Google are the two main competitors to Microsoft and are not-so-subtly trying to take it down. In the process, however, they are becoming behemoths, like the Evil One itself. Even if they support open source projects and progressive thinking about the Internet, that’s not diversity.

May be the vegan shoes I bought today will make me feel better.

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