The inimitable and inspiring David Cohn, who first made his name as Jay Rosen's right-hand man over at NewAssignment.Net, is going live with his new project, (he pronounces it "spot us," not "spot dot u-s").

David earned the congratulations and envy of thousands of us when he was awarded more than $300,000 by the Knight News Challenge earlier this year. He deserved it, though. His idea -- crowd-funded reporting -- is a fantastic one.

The first project is now up on The Point, which is run by Andrew Mason, and for whom Alex Steed, another fantastic guy (so many good people, so little time), blogs. In this first run, Wired's Alexis Madrigal wants to write a piece about biofuel usage in California. He's asking for $250 to write it, so if you're interested you can donate some money. The idea is that journalism funded by the people, and not by corporate interests, will be more geared for truthiness and less enslaved by the man. Or something like that.

So check out his proposal, and if you want to see that piece written, donate some cash. It's a neat model that could lead to something big.