levjoy.com through the years

I started my first blog here at levjoy.com back in 2005. At the time, I was a grad student getting into what we then called social software.” Blogging was sort of new and sort of cool (to this guy, anyway) and I got into it. I set up my own Wordpress site (it was not so easy back then) and posted bits and bobs about my life and thoughts on politics, media, tech, and other free associations on a pretty regular basis up through 2009. Which, not so coincidentally, is soon after my first kid was born and we moved from Brooklyn to western MA and got on with the next stage of our lives.

Maybe I’ll upload those old posts someday. They’re about as interesting as a random polaroid at this point — more archival than substantive.

The terribleness and current enshittification of the web as we know it has inspired a lot of us to go back to our roots, which in my case means a more active presence on the domain I’ve held for so long and a re-kindled love of the wild, decentralized web.

Thinking back to creating this site all those years ago, I was inspired to hit up the Wayback Machine and remind myself of what levjoy.comm looked like over the years.

It’s interesting to see how my emphases changed over the years as I finished school, changed jobs, and moved on in life, and how the Internet changed, too. The Photos” menu item in 2006 linked to Flickr, of course. Check out that Social Change Wiki” link. Note 2015’s embedded tweets in the sidebar. Nice.

levjoy.com in 2006levjoy.com in 2006

levjoy.com in 2009levjoy.com in 2009

levjoy.com in 2015levjoy.com in 2015


April 17, 2023