The nomination of John Roberts for Supreme Court justice is indeed a huge story, since it will be a decision to further put Roe v. Wade on the ropes and sharpen the divide between people who actually believe that the judiciary system should protect the constitution and the Americans’ right to be, um, free, and those who think the role of judges is to support an increasingly loony conservative worldview, personal freedoms be damned.

But am I the only one suffering from the inability to focus on this? I’ve read the articles, perked up when the nominee was leaked, and watched Georgie give a weird speech to announce Roberts’ nomination (and what was up with that coke-or-pills-induced twitching lower jaw?), but for some reason I continue to write off the nomination as an inevitability. The Democrats are totally spineless and have next to zero political capital (if they can’t get something from this Rove business then they’ve totally lost it), the country is so conservative that New Hampshire looks liberal, and, with the exception of John Bolton, Georgie has a way of pushing his agenda through no matter how terrible the candidate or issue. I mean, Alberto Gonzales? Was Stalin’s, I mean Putin’s, chief of staff unavailable?

Maybe it’s the constant blowing up of stuff in Baghdad, or the constant blowing up of stuff in Israel and the threatened pullout from Gaza, or the continuing nuclear crisis with North Korea, but I have more of attention span for existential-type stories than this.

I don’t mean to discount the supreme importance of maintaining Roe v. Wade, or upholding states’ rights to decide their own marriage laws. There’s just too much crap to go around these days and I have a limited amount of attention for it all.


But really, what the hell is CNN thinking with this shiny new John Roberts-for-Supreme Court banner?

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