For those non-Jews not in the know, today its Yom Kippur, one of the few days each year I try my best to be religious and usually fall on my face in the process. Sometimes I go to temple with my friends in a desperate attempt to not be home, the dreaded place where, if I’m fasting, it becomes completely impossible to think about anything but the food I’m not eating. My wife isn’t Jewish, so she eats and goes to work, and I’m stuck here wondering why I’m doing this in the first place.

I’m reminded of all the years I spent growing up as a Jewish kid in Vermont, one of the most un-Jewish places in the world, where I would attempt to fast and be religious despite no support from anyone else, even my parents. So the internal battle has begun: stop the stomach from turning, and convince myself that I need to be celebrating this holiday that, in my world and even though I live in New York, no one else seems to be celebrating.

A while back I complained about the media orgasm that occurred when Apple introduced the iPod nano. It’s happened again after the media got stroked by the the video iPod. The iPod seems to satisfy two things: the media get to write about their favorite topic, consumerism, and talk about something that has effectively branded itself as “cool.” Maybe we should send some to Iraq so they can watch segments about their country falling apart in between low-resolution Disney and ABC television shows. Too bad you can’t download any CNN broadcasts (I guess they’re owned by the wrong transnational media conglomerate) since CNN’s web site today features the absurd haiku/headline “Progress on Constitution; attack kills 30” , which might be interesting to read and watch for the those Iraqis that who are living in the giant puddle of shit that Georgie has thrust upon them.

So now Apple and Disney have made a pact to fluff each other’s feathers. Has anyone noticed that Apple has completely abandoned its old advertising technique of telling you how revolutionary they are, about how different they think? With this Disney deal and their incessant battering of the the airwaves with more news about another consumer product, they’re quickly becoming the most hypercommercialized brand in existence, existing less to create a meaningful product and more to perpetuate recognition of their name. Someone tell me, what exactly makes Apple so different from Microsoft?

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