So Peter Jennings has died, and it’s sad. I liked him, more than the other two. Brokaw has this weird way of inhaling words and making everything sound way more important than it is, like “today we are eating FRIED CHICKEN with a side of GREEN PEAS. Now, more on Benjamin NETANYAHU…” and Rather always seemed timid and dorky. I’ve always been curious about his old signoff of “courage.” What the hell is that supposed to mean? Courage for the truth? How about those documents about Bush, Dan? True or not true? Courage!

But Jennings had something nice about him. Maybe it was because he was Canadian, but he seemed kinder and more aware of the slightly retarded nature of being a network news anchor, a position in which the nation looks to you for leadership, or so you tell yourself.

And now it’s time for TV news to realize something about itself that many people have known for years — it’s dominance is over. People have too many resources at their fingertips, and have learned not to trust the “official” news of the networks. I liked Jenning as an anchor, but the anchorman’s day is due; one glimpse at the wonderful film Anchorman will tell you that. There’s way too much truth in there.

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