Cindy Sheehan has been blogging about her much-publicized protest in front of Bushie’s house in Crawford, Texas. It is so great to read about her positivity and integrity, in a time where our elected leaders lack both.

Well, not all of them. My home state of Vermont’s one congressman, Bernie Sanders, wrote a short piece for the Huffington Post in praise of Sheehan.

One of the greatest concerns I have about the Bush Administration is their unwillingness to discuss issues with people whose positions are different than theirs. The President should hear firsthand from a woman whose views reflect those of tens of millions of Americans who believe that we have got to begin bringing our troops home as soon as possible.

Bernie is a tireless supporter of progressive causes, and he isn’t afraid to stick it to powerful people when they deserve it (which is pretty much all of the time). My friend Tim used to work for him; he pointed me to these amazing videos of Bernie dressing down Alan Greenspan and king nut job Rick Santorum.

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