This is one of the more affecting posts I’ve read in a while. A blogger from Kabul writes about helping children of a very poor district of Kabul carry water up a hill because they don’t have power or water where they live. In his words:

This part of Kabul called Bahaaristan In Karte parwan district. In this distrect there is no power and water. People from the hill slope using donkey those who have enough money for providing foods for this kind animal "donkey" (:

Afghan donkey

It’s amazing that, almost four years after we started bombing Afghanistan to rid them of the Taliban, people living in the capital must make do with donkeys and water pails. You would think that, with the advanced technologies at the western world’s fingertips, we could at least help them get a well or, if we’re really getting crazy, a frickin water line.


Meanwhile, I pass by people on the streets of New York wearing Bluetooth headsets that make them look like lost Star Trek characters. Yay for technology!

And despite the Gaza pullout, an impending peace agreement in Aceh, Indonesia, and an American public finally becoming attuned to the horrendous nature of our war in Iraq, it’s good to know that Ashton and Demi still love each other after two long years.

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