Has anyone noticed that the usual massive amount of Foofy news that constantly circulates TV and Internet channels has slackened over the weekend and in its place is an abundance of Real news? Maybe it’s because there’s simply too much Real news happening right now, and news outlets are struggling to make sense of it all.

In yesterday’s New York Times, Frank Rich wrote that the war in Iraq is already over; the president just doesn’t know it yet. Public opinion has overwhelming swung against the war, and with the war’s approval numbers and Bushie’s own numbers down to the same levels as LBJ’s in 1968, it’s clear that the administration is being willfully ignorant to was is clear to most of us: the war is a failure and can never be sustained. I get slightly angry when I think about this too much, since me and hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of others expected this when we opposed the war in the first place.

But it took thousands of dead soldiers like Cindy Sheehan’s son and perhaps hundreds of thousands more dead civilian Iraqis to make people think that their government wasn’t doing the right thing in the Middle East.

While war opposition is gaining traction, Israel is beginning is pullout from Gaza. One Palestinian woman is feeling optimistic and even compares the event to the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s clear that, while thousands of fundamentalist Jews refuse to face reality and instead prefer to live in the belief that God wants them to live there, many more Palestinians are viewing this event as a liberation. Sharon has even said that this may lead to peace talks. It’s hard to be too optimistic, given the tragedy of the last four years, but this is at least a positive step forward.

Have we entered a new age of public opinion in which the majority of people in America and Israel are seeing the light? I hope so.

A good judge of how much the Real news has gained traction on the Foofy, and vice versa, is to go to CNN.com and check out the top right corner, the section labeled “More News.” This is kind of a list of news highlights. If that section is populated by mostly Real news, than Gaza is winning in the fight against the dangerous Lindsey Lohan. If we’re looking at headlines about Kevin Federline and Britney, or some missing white person in the Bahamas, than the Foof is winning out. At the moment, news of the life-threatening variety is apparently more essential than news about Hollywood in-fighting. Maybe, as long as Cindy Sheehan hangs out in Crawford and people are moving out of Gaza, and as long as public opinion sways against the war, these events will be able to capture our collective attention more than they have in the recent past.

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