It's amazing that the NY Post published, on it's front page, the least news-related story I've yet seen: the important sighting of Vince Vaughan kissing Jennifer Aniston (or Jennifer Aniston kissing Vince Vaughan).  At the same time, a humanitarian disaster of epic scales is taking place in Pakistan.  I know that the Post won't report anything negative about Georgie, and therefore has very little to report, but don't you think they (and all media) could put aside their important work of distracting us from the crumbling state of affairs, but this should trump politics.

“We are putting in all our combined UN resources at the moment. It is not enough," Egeland said. "We have never had this kind of logistical nightmare ever. We thought the tsunami was as worse as it could get. This is worse,” he said.

Worse than the tsunami? Where's Jessica Simpson sleeping these days?

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