About Open Mobile

We should be able to do what we want with our phones, but we can’t. It’s that simple.
And yet, the future of the Internet is mobile. Android phones, iPhones, iPads and other gadgets of the future are becoming our primary entry points to the Internet.

And those entry points are locked down in ways that many people find unacceptable.

Mobile phones and technology are now political issues.

From closed handsets to lack of neutrality to lack of competition, the wireless industry stinks. And yet, it’s the future.

Here’s the problem, and the fight: Just like wireline Internet, the wireless Internet is in grave danger of a corporate takeover from wireless companies — and Google — who fear competition and choice. If companies like Google and Verizon get their way, the mobile Internet will become a giant playground for them, and consumers will have even fewer rights than they do now.

This is about the open Internet and Net Neutrality and the cableization of the mobile web.

I’m using this site to post news in mobile tech and policy as it relates to the need to open up the mobile Internet and mobile devices.

About me: I’m Josh Levy, online campaign manager at Free Press. Much of my work concerns the issues stated above, but the posts on this site are my opinions alone.

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