Harry Shearer, voice on the Simpsons and Derek Smalls in Spinal Tap, takes up the anti-genocide case here. He’s right on every count, and he’s done his research. Check it out:

"Today, for example, the BBC's online news site leads with a story that, Google though you might, surfaces in a substantially truncated form only in the NYT as a Reuters brief. It doesn't show up in the Post, or on npr, or, according to Google News, anywhere else in the US, though African, European, and Asian media cover it just fine. And, measured though the BBC's online story is, a much more disturbing version is available online from Radio 4's World at One. This is the same BBC Radio 4, by the way, that was reviled (primarily by the Murdoch media here and in the UK) for its Iraq war report which suggested that pre-war intel had been "sexed up" to help make the government's case for war. Doesn't sound like such a shocking premise now."

He also mentions that Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times is one of the only prominent Americans carrying the torch. If you haven’t read him, you should. He’s visited Darfur and come back with harrowing reports. Read his stuff online before the NYT slaps a $50 fine (whoops, I mean “fee”) on readers of its opinion section.