What is Darfur again? The winner of the Apprentice? I just love Carrie Underwood. She’s like the next Trisha Yearwood.

Once again, Kofi is pleading with the world to help Darfur. Seems the rainy season is approaching and a “hunger gap” is on its way. How many Americans have any idea what a rainy season is, besides April-showers-bring-May-flowers? Rainy seasons are what happen to poor people. Poor people always have to endure water-induced tragedies.

What we need in Darfur is some good pictures of starving children. Then the money and aid would be flowing. The problem is, we can’t get there because of the terrain and now it’s the rainy season.

Here’s a poll for all of you: in your heart of hearts, does this Darfur mess really bother you? Is history repeating itself, and if so, do you care?

On the searching for villains front, Zarqawi is injured. Time for a lot of ra-ra-ra while more women are raped in Darfur.