This is the most important election of my life.  At the risk of getting (more) hysterical and irrational than I usually am, I really believe that the choice between Barack Obama and John McCain is one between the future of our civilization and some cold, pale simulacrum of a democracy. 

McCain’s campaign has engaged in sleaze and slander on a scale that’s surprising everyone who knows him, and his choice for VP has not raised questions about his ability to lead, but could also mean that someone who had never left the U.S. – never even had the desire! – until visiting troops in Kuwait, someone who supports the banning of books and the eradication of choice, who denies our role in global warming, who thinks that creationism ought be taught in public schools, who doesn’t believe in sex education or the use of stem cells for research, and who has been on the national scene for approximately two weeks, might be president in the near future.  It’s terrifying.

We need to do all we can to elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden, two candidates who exemplify all that John McCain Sarah Palin are not.  But here’s the wrinkle: I’m having a child in October.  I can’t leave my family to volunteer in a swing state, and I can’t take a leave from my job to help out with the campaign.

So given that I’ll be at home with a young child – whose future could be so bright if Obama is elected – how can I channel all of my excess energy in ensuring that my kid grows up governed by an Obama Administration?