The next song cycle

I’m preparing to do final mixes and overdubs of the Outro record, and then to be done with it. It is time! I’ve been moving on to the next song cycle, and it is very exciting. There’s a theme running through them all, I’m feeling inspired to write the lyrics and the music is taking a bit of a different turn. I’m intentionally not creating demos as I did for the first record, so

I’m bringing the songs to the band in a more skeletal form than before. The songs on the first record were pandemic songs; I had a lot of time on my hands to write, record, polish, re-record, etc. before I even played them for anyone. So they were more-or-less finished in my head before the band got a hold of them. This time, I’m eager to share them while they’re still in more of a larval state, to see what can be done with them.

Also, the band has become a band in the last 1.5 years. Everyone is bringing their own spirit and ideas to the songs, and I think the music is so much better because of it. Looser, more organic, and more whole. I’m so excited to see this next batch through.


April 17, 2023