The Spring Fling last night was fun!  Those of you that were there must agree with me.  Stuart agrees with me.  He sent an awfully nice email to all of us congratulating the organizers and participants like a proud papa.  

I drank too much wine, of course. It happens at every one of these events. By the end I was apparently having a super intense conversation with an older guy with a lot of teeth missing about the social mission of the program. The truth is that I have no clue what either of us was actually talking about. There was a lot of physicality, though, as I waved my arms around like a good Jew and made important points.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, the Hunter IMA MFA program’s Spring Fling student show was last night.

There was a lot of good work. I especially liked Demirjian’s video showing what he was doing, should be doing, wanted to be doing, and the world outside. It hit home. Also, Mary’s painting were really good. And Heidi’s video about shame. Lots more.