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Today I helped shoot a work-in-progress show for NYChildren, a photo project run by Danny Goldfield. Danny goal is to shoot a child from every country on earth living in New York City. He’s got over 80 kids already. The kids are born here in the States and their parents are immigrants.

The event was at Nectar in Cobble Hill, just down the street from my apartment. Danny hung about a dozen of photos on the walls of the tiny restaurant and the families of the kids who were featured stopped by. It was a great time, and Danny looked happy for the recognition of his great work.

Check out his project. It’s a good commentary on what it means to be an American. I was hanging out with, and giving my video camera to, a wonderful girl from Yemen whose parents emigrated here. She calls herself an American and a Yemeni. She’s both. For me it’s wonderful that people feel content to live with both identities, with feet in both worlds.