I'm so ashamed of it, but I've just never been to California.  But life just hasn't taken me there.  I understand there are "beaches," "cars," and "hotties," there, though those are just abstractions to me.  Anyway, Vik--the Viktator, Vikranomicon, the Cardinal--send me a great piece about one publisher moving her company from New York to LA.  She offers a convincing argument for a move west.  

Check out this excerpt:

We've also got a lot to learn from what's happening on the Internet — the bloggers and graphic designers and entrepreneurs who have been busy shaking up the old media hierarchies. These people are the future — smart young people who love creating content and who know how to reach each other and share their ideas using every possible means, whether it's between hard covers, on the Web or on their cellphone screens. There are still talented people in New York who understand all that. But these days, with all the hassle and expense it takes to survive in that town, many of them are moving elsewhere.

It's true. If you're a freelancer trying to make with your own take on "new" media, it must be nice to not have to hussle for rent every month.