Andrew Sullivan is one of the most-read bloggers on the web, not because everyone agrees with him (I'm with him about 50% of the time) but because he is fearless, independent, and honest.  And he's been tireless in his outrage about the torture scandals in Iraq and Guantanamo.  Check out his recent discussion of this <a href="">Newsweek faking a story business</a>.   The media is getting carried away yet again with the shocking news that one of their own has mis-reported something.  Lost in the shuffle here is that several people <em>died</em> after the Newsweek story came out.  There were riots and people got killed.  

The issue here is that we're now spending more time talking about misreporting than we are about real facts: there is torture in those prisons, people are dying. Sullivan's got a good run down. I'd never read about prisoners being wrapped in Israeli flags, or being told to kneel and pray just so soldiers could kick them in the head. In a nutshell, this is really happening. Newsweek's carelessness has real effects. Those people that died in the riots were real people, they probably didn't want to die. But we're more concerning with which journalist or editor might--gasp!--lose his job.