If you haven't read the <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/theblog"> Huffington Post</a>, you should.  It's a new online journal put together by Arianna Huffington, the slightly crazy woman who ran for governor of California last year and liberal commentator. The blog is really a collection of tons of famous people's commentaries, featuring writerss from Larry David to Arthur Schlesinger to Harry Shearer.

I’ve been really into the New York Times’ recent series on class. It included a cool interactive graphic that showed what class you fall into based on education, occupation, and wealth.

So now Richard Bradley on the Huffington Post writes that they’re charging $50 a year for “premium content,” including Maureen Dowd’s columns. Even though I can’t stand her columns, it’s amazing that they think this is ok. They’re the most read online newspaper, and all this move only increases the information divide. Should they include this is their series about class?