I continue to trumpet the goodness of The Huffington Post not only because Larry David posts there, but because it’s full of well-meaning liberals. Jane Wells challenged Arianna Huffington to keep track of the Darfur dead, and Huffington has <a href="accepted.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Kristof at the Times as been doing God’s work in hammering the reality of the Darfur genocide day after day. You should especially check out the multimedia presentation linked alongside his most recent piece. I saw him speak about this last summer, when it seemed like something might happen on our end; it didn’t.

But what does this all mean when faced with Tom Cruise’s crazy antics? I’ve only seem him in movies (not on Oprah) yet this behavior is any big surprise. The man is a robot! Has been for years, every since Rebecca DeMornay implanted a robot heart in his chest during the filming of Risky Business.

Tommy is a good This is really happening case study. Is this behavior really happening or is it made up? I think the guy’s whole personality is made up. I love it when articles refer to his marriage with Kidman, as if that ever really happened.