Appparently Nick’s been at it again about Darfur, chastising the West about it’s shameful ignorance of the ongoing genocide there. The death count is up around 2 million; are we waiting for it to become some kind of record before we do something?

(I have to read about this thirdhand because, broken record that I am, I can’t pay for the fricking TimesSelect coverage because I’m a student with mounting debt already.)

I found a great new blog today (new to me, that is) called Radio Open Source, the online companion to a radio show hosted by Christopher Lydon. They have a podcast too and I can’t wait to hear it. It’s all about my kind of stuff: open-source technology and journalism.

Anyway, today “Katherine,” a writer for the blog, discusses Kristof’s cry of “Never Again, Again,” in which he pleads with the world community to stop this genocide, as they said they would for all genocides following the Holocaust. She asks a question I wish I could ask everybody I know:

Our own American track record on humanitarian intervention during genocides is questionable at best -- what do you think we should do in Darfur? And what would you like to know in order to make that part of the world more understandable and immediate?

Really, if we can invade and destroy the birthplace of civilization, why can’t we stop this? We have the might and influence but we lack the will. And here’s another question that might be difficult to ask in public (the joys of the blogosphere!) Is it because they’re black? White people chafe at that question. But imagine if a whole section of the American South was totally neglected and thousands of people were left to die, despite the relative ease with which we could help them?

Oh, wait…

Read Sleepless in Sudan. It’s an amazing blog written by a relief worker in Darfur. Although she describes the bleakest of bleak situations, she punctures the morbidity with humor and humanity despite her tangible outrage.

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