I haven't written in a while.  I know, get over your anxiety, you'll be fine.  I've been wholly absorbed in the project I'm working on, now semi-officially titled "The Bronx Blog Project."  Say that three times fast.  I'm making some progress -- the students are blogging, I'm capturing it on video...

Wait a minute.  Maybe I could just build a web site to document it instead of telling you about it.  Check out the Bronx Blog Project web site.  You’ll get an up-to-date look at what I’ve been up to.  Keep in mind that the site is a work-in-progress.  This means that things might be there one day and gone the next; or some essential thing will be missing, or is waiting to be inserted. 

As of now, the site features aggregated feeds of the students’ blogs (I’m teaching blogging to students in an ESL immersion program in at Bronx Community College) and videocasts (well, one videocast right now) of unedited selects of the video I’m shooting.

For the tech-savvy among you, note that you can subscribe to an RSS feed of the videocasts.

Enjoy it.