<a href="http://www.juancole.com/">Juan Cole</a>, one of the most-read bloggers in the country, writes analysis and critique of our adventures in Iraq.  He wrote a <a href="http://www.juancole.com/2006/06/dems-back-phased-withdrawal.html">fantastic piece</a> today about Democratic exit strategies, and got a little more heated than usual when it came time to discuss Karl Rove's "plan" and wasting of $5 billion a <em>week </em>on the war.  It could be better spend, Michigan-resident Cole says, somewhere else:
Could we please have just one of those $6 billion dollar installments you are squandering in Iraq, Mr. Rove, to -- you know-- fix up Detroit a little bit. I'd say those windows need replacing. And since you painted all those schools over there, maybe you wouldn't mind painting some of the buildings in my area. We don't have any oil, but we have a helluva port and enormous industrial capacity. It is just that, you know, the Federal government has been busy rebuilding a foreign country (which somehow still seems to be in flames and run down, despite having its own petroleum). And somehow my city just isn't a priority. In fact, you can correct me if I'm wrong, Mr. Rove, but my recollection is that neglect of Detroit has driven its population below 1 million, and that as a result, the Federal government actually cut back on the aid it gives the city. Is that really good urban policy? Wouldn't it make more sense to bring Detroit back to life and reinvigorate the American Midwest?

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