<p> Many of you know that I made a short film called "Pigeon People" about three men and their pigeons.   When I first started working on it I thought it was kind of funny and kind of interesting but I never sensed that other people cared for it much.  It showed at one festival in Brooklyn to a decent-sized audience of about 15 (including other filmakers and two of my pigeon men) and one of my subjects, a man who rescues pigeons and lets them live with him, talked to a woman at AM New York, the free subway paper.  They eventually published a <a href="http://www.amny.com/news/local/am-pigeon-story,0,2095042.story?coll=am-local-headlines">story</a> about pigeons in the city that included a brief quote from me:  

</p><blockquote class="posterous_short_quote"> “Young people aren’t carrying on the tradition of their fathers and grandfathers,” Levy said. </blockquote><p> Wise. </p><p>


</p><p> After I showed the film and the article was published, I realized that so many people are totally into pigeons (or they’re against them to the same degree).  I’ve been getting emails from pigeon advocates curious about my work.  Pigeons are a hot-button issue, a lightning rod, a petri dish.  And then tonight I found this: Pigeon Blog.  It is narrated by a British pigeon.  It offers great insight into the lives of this hatefully persecuted group. </p>