<p> Holy Moses am I sorry for not being around here much.  I was reminded of it today when Rosanne pointed out to me that there was actually no content on my front page.  Could there be a better reminder of my failure to post?

</p><p> It isn’t because there’s nothing to say. In fact, there’s more than ever. Stay tuned for thoughts about my upcoming “social experiment,” as someone recently put it (leading me to note that I felt like Joseph Mengele, about to make some lampshades out of…). It will be fun, and difficult, both because of the time it will take and the amount of wrangling I’ll have to do to get my acquaintances to play along. </p><p> Don’t ask me to describe it because I don’t have the time right now. </p><p> Okay, fine. It’s basically about coming up with solutions to problems in three spaces: virtual, performative, and real. Don’t know what I mean? Neither do I. </p><p> In other news, check out this post from Ethan Zuckerman about anonymous blogging. The man has such a way of connecting these tech-y things to real-life human rights issues. There’s no one like him. Thanks to my colleague Micah Sifry and Rebbecca Mackinnon for blogging about this before me. </p><p> Stay tuned. </p>

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