I've been on TV talking about the CNN/YouTube debates three times now: once on Al-Jazeera (totally weird, talking into a camera with a little disembodied voice in my head) and twice on G4.

Don’t know G4? Neither did until they asked me to be on. It’s the game/technology cable channel that is apparently aimed at Grand Theft Auto-heads with a boob fixation and too much of their parents’ money at their disposal.

Last week marked by second entry into the surreal world where gamers kinda care about politics (in between reviews of Guitar Hero). I was joined by MIke Connery, the fantastic blogger who runs Future Majority.

The embeddable video is too wide for my Wordpress theme, and doesn’t resize. Damn! Mike has the goods over at his site.

Check out that curl on the side of my head! I wish I’d known about that.