I'm in Austin at the <a href="http://netrootsnation.com/">Netroots Nation</a> conference (formerly YearlyKos, but they wanted to imply more independence from <a href="http://dailykos.com">DailyKos</a>) and I have to say, I'm enjoying it more than I expected.  Maybe it's because I'm here with a <a href="http://www.change.org/bloggers">specific agenda</a>, but I'm loving hanging out with a community built around hardcore partisan ideas like guaranteeing health care to people, creating green policy, electing Obama, etc.  <a href="http://www.personaldemocracy.com">Personal Democracy Forum</a> is fantastic, of course, but I'm finding it refreshing to be around people who are unashamed -- in fact, empowered -- to be advocating for a progressive agenda. <p />Last night Wesley Clark (yawn) and Howard Dean (yay) spoke to us about what it means to be Democrats and Americans, or something like that.  Here's a pic of Ho-Ho, in which you can sort of make out his snappy patrician suit: <p /><div class='p_embed p_image_embed'> <img alt="Media_httpfarm4static_oqffj" height="375" src="http://levjoydotcom3.files.wordpress.com/2008/07/media_httpfarm4static_oqffj.jpg?w=300" width="500" />


Anyhow, I may report again, but if not it’s only because I’m enjoying a few too many bottles of Lone Star beer and hanging wout with some truly fantastic folks. <p />If you aren’t here but for some reason care about what I’m doing, best thing to do is to check out my Tweets.