Say that ten times fast, and try to make it sound not dirty.

Today I noticed a nice confluence of things I’ve written about lately – the innovative fundraising and campaign strategy used by The Point and wild and crazy idea that removing meat from your diet reduces your carbon footprint.

Both ideas came together in the form of a new campaign on The Point, No Meat Week, organized by one Julie Trist. Here’s the pitch:

Did you know that if every American who eats meat daily decided to have one meat-free day a week, it would be the equivalent of taking 8 million cars off the roads? • Animal agriculture causes about 18% of global human-induced green-house gas emissions • Livestock produce 30-40% of total methane gas emissions • Livestock occupy 30 percent of ice-free land on the planet, a major cause of deforestation • Industrial meat production relies heavily on fossil fuels through fertilizer manufacturing and global transport The emerging global warming crisis requires both personal change and industrial accountability. In addition to energy conservation, each of us can also limit our contribution to global warming by eating less meat and calling for a more sustainable livestock industry. The goal of this one-week meat-fast is to provide a platform to raise awareness about how meat-consumption directly contributes to climate change.

I’ve been living a virtually meat-free existence for many years, and I’m still here! Try it – no, pledge it. The meatless week begins September 1.