<p>I'm not at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week. It's a bit of a bummer, since so many of my friends and Twitter buddies are there. I have to endure commentaries on cool parties, real-time descriptions of speeches, and spontaneous oohs and ahs from from my tweeps, and it all makes me... just a little jealous.</p>

Micah writes that you can get more out of the conventions from your couch, watching TV and cruising around the tweet-sphere. Wise words for a man who's been going to conventions since 1984! Me, I want a taste of the glory, however superficial and pointless.

(I'm not there because I have no official capacity to take me there; had I stayed at techPresident I would have had one.)

Instead, Nicole and I went to the U.S. Open last night, which was amazing fun in itself. First, a surprising (for us) opening ceremony was star-studded: Forest Whitaker MC'd, Michael Bloomberg introduced, two generations of tennis starts from John McEnroe to Monica Seles to Andy Roddick to Roger Federer were there, Earth, Wind, and Fire played (!), and even Paula Abdul was in the stands. It wasn't a speech from Michelle Obama, or an emotional appearance from Ted Kennedy, but it was something.

And it was professional tennis, which I've never seen in person before. In the end, seeing all that got my blood pumping at least half as much as Michelle and Teddy might have. No after party, no rubbing shoulders with minor Democratic names, but still. It made me forget.