<p>My buddy <a href="http://davidcolarusso.com/">David Colarusso</a> is a true renaissance man. He's a former high school science teacher, web developer (responsible for the <a href="http://10questions.com">10Questions</a> site), law student, and online politics afficionado.</p>

Last year David's created Community Counts to give regular YouTubin' folks the chance to participate in politics; it was subsequently used for the 10Questions presidential debate project. He has since developed a version of the site that can be used by any community to create forums using video, text, or images. It's a great piece of software, and I hope he finds endless ways to use it.

But for now, in response to a half-hearted attempt by the Commission on Presidential Debates to use the interwebs for the debates, David is reviving last summer's project, asking regular folks like you and me to submit video or text questions on Community Counts and vote on your favorites. The ones that rise to the top will, in theory, be posed to Obama and McCain.

Here's David's introductory video explaining things:

And here's the first entry, which happens to be from, um, me:

Go ahead and post your own video and vote!