The more I think about it, the more I'm upset about Sarah Palin's conflicting message about her daughter -- the media isn't allowed to talk about her, but we <i>will </i>stage a big scene on the tarmac with John McCain and Levi in tow, and get b-roll of Cindy and baby Trig for good effect.  <p /><a href="">Jill</a> smartly sums up growing opinion about what if this were <i>Obama's</i> daughter who'd gotten pregnant.  She brings up an excellent, if upsetting, point about race-based double standards (emphasis mine): <p /><blockquote class="posterous_medium_quote">Wow. Could not have said it better myself. There remains a stereotype<br />that African-Americans have poor morals. If Barack Obama’s<br />daughter were pregnant, you’d better believe that pundits would<br />be tsk-tsking the dysfunctional “black family” and there<br />would be plenty of b-roll of black pregnant teens in our public schools<br />with talk about the single black welfare queens &amp; the national<br />burden they create. <b>That’s the double standard — Palin is<br />permitted to individualize where Obama is not</b>.<br />

The white Palin is perceived as everymom and her own person at once; a black Palin would be tasked with answering for her entire race. <p />UPDATE: This bit from Daily Show shows the crazy and hysterical hypocrisy coming from Karl, Bill, Dick, and co.