Waking up at six in the morning on a Saturday means one thing: your seven-month-old is up.  The early morning led me to catch up on some reading, so here's a list of some things I was happy to stumble upon through my early-morning baby haze (actually posted at night, when I had time to hit the publish button):
  • In These Times posted a fun, informative interview with Craig Aaron, our senior program director at Free Press.  Good quotes include “Fixing the media is key to advancing any issue you care about.  Whatever your first issue may be, the media should probably be your second.”  Also, “As I once rapped before my sixth-grade class: ‘My name’s Craig Aaron, not Aaron Craig. If you call me Aaron Craig, I’ll break your leg.’”

  • A simple formula for a satisfying breakfast that is comprised of something savory (greens, pasta), parmesan cheese, and a fried egg.  Yum.

  • This is why you’re fat. Also, weird meat. (Courtesy of GastroNomalies)

  • Colin Delany explains the “enduring value of the communications tripod” using his standard down-to-earth and reasonable way of explaining things.