Yes, it's been a long time. But I have an excuse, and it's spelled N-o-r-t-h-a-m-p-t-o-n.  

We’ve moved from the New York to the Western Massachusetts, and after almost four weeks here it’s fair to say we’re feeling settled in. Routines have emerged, we’re getting used to living in a house (with insane bugs and boilers that break), and life in a small town is not so bad if you can share it with good friends and work that you care about.

So count me feeling blessed. I ride my bike a mile and a half to work each day, passing through beautiful New England-y land full of century-old farmhouses, and spotting more than a Subarus and Priuses along the way. Arlo loves it here and already has a posse of kids he can call friends.

We have a bunch of friends as well, mos of whom have settled in town after adventures in New York and Boston, just as we did.

I realized before we moved that my needs in life are fairly simple: I want to be able to focus on the kind of work I love and can obsess about, I want to be able to focus on my family in a complete and unhindered way, and I want to be surrounded by friends I care about and want to see. Oh, and the ability to play tennis a lot is helpful too. So far, so good.