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  <blockquote class="posterous_short_quote">I have never spent as much time listening to as much music in my entire life as I have in the past six years. I can chalk this up to several factors: <strong>1) Having moved from NYC, I now am part of car culture, which has always been pretty much to my mind the perfect vehicle for listening. I have a good stereo in what is essentially a private soundproof booth on wheels in which to listen to music at ear-splitting volume in a small space -- my preferred listening environment.</strong> 2) Yes, music is more available through the Internet; not just to illegally or legally download, which of course I do liberally, but also, I can track down stuff like never before. (I try to patronize my locals, but much of the stuff I'm looking for is early- to mid-'70s English stuff.)</blockquote><div class="posterous_quote_citation">via <a href="http://www.npr.org/blogs/monitormix/2009/11/this_is_england_an_essay_in_so.html">npr.org</a></div>
<p>This comes from Julie Cafritz, aka Pussy Galore, another NYC expat who lives in my adopted hometown of Northampton, MA. 

</p><p>She’s right. If for nothing else, driving more means listening to more music, and listening to it loudly.</p></div>