The stars have aligned. We live in a moment in which media reform can actually happen. Washington just needs to be... nudged. The closer it gets to change, the harder it holds on to the past.<p />  That's why we need Free Press -- to close that last mile between promises and actions. The FCC says it supports Net Neutrality, so we'll make sure it makes good on its promises. Congress is showing support for LPFM and an open Internet, so we'll round up tens of thousands of activists to remind it to whom it is really accountable.<p />  To all of you who gripe about Comcast, who are nursing resentments about how war and peace (and health care!) are handled in the press, things can be different. Donate to Free Press and help change our media system:<b> <a href=";2260.donation=form1" class="moz-txt-link-freetext">;2260.donation=form1</a></b>