N92 is “certainly not in production,” but is currently at the engineering verification test level, or EVT, according to Gruber. That’s one level below DVT, or device verification test. And that is itself a level below an actual product currently being manufactured.

Is the Verizon iPhone coming or not? Will it change everything? Again?

So many questions. And still: Android phones, in the aggregate, are outselling iPhones.

Still more questions: Are all those Android users jonesing for iPhones but on the wrong networks, or can there be — gasp! — something compelling about Android that makes people prefer it over iOS? (I, for one, prefer it completely).

One unscientific, slightly unrelated anecdote: My mother-in-law returned her iPhone 4 after one day, complaining of terrible reception. She got herself a Samsung Galaxy (not the greatest, IMHO) and loves it.