• Android Newbies: This group is new to the Android experience, and are probably very happy with their experience, despite lots of frustrating glitches at times.  Why?  Most of them are upgrading from feature phones (the industry term for a non-smartphone), and this is likely their very first experience to having the magic of Interwebbing on their phones.  What’s not to love?  That part comes soon.

  • Android Haters: Having used their Android device for weeks-to-months, they have come to notice all its shortcomings, ranging from inconsistent back button use to awkward keyboards to erratic input sensitivity, all things they failed to really notice during the 30 day window to return the phone with no commitment.  Furthermore, they are likely annoyed that their phone became outdated in less than 90 days since purchase – a phenomenon not well appreciated by tens of millions of people, despite what the tech community thinks. They/we are trapped, waiting, hoping, watching…

  • Android Fanboys: The folks who think Android just freakin’ rocks, man.

  • I’m a recent Android convert. My reasons are 1) I was tired of Apple’s growing control over its closed platform and 2) I was ready for a change, as the iPhone just didn’t excite me much anymore.

    I’m not a fanboy, but I like to preach about Android’s pluses (and to be realistic about its minuses). There are a ton of Phandroids out there, though, and they deserve to be haggled has much as any iPhone-humping Apple fanboy.