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<p>AT&T just launched a PR blitz using every flack’s weapon of choice: Facebook. The site was announced via emails “sent” by AT&T execs to consumers, promising an investment of $18-$19 billion in wireless and wireline networks in 2010. </p>
<p>The company’s resident social media guru may have slightly underestimated the absolute blitz of negative comments (TechCrunch calls it a “tower of hate”) this tactic would inspire. See, when you create an online, public platform for comments, you can’t control those comments.</p>
<p>Here’s a glimpse of what consumers are writing: </p>
<p>“I love the iphone, but AT&T has found a way to ruin my iphone experience. The phone is nearly useless now and either drops every call or the person on the other end can’t hear me.”</p>
<p>“So glad I’m not the only one with ATT problems. Recently, I’ve noticed extensive drops on the route from my home to work. This literally just started in the last 6 weeks. I would expect my service to get better over time.”</p>
<p>“I am forced to give up my iPhone with AT&T after two years this month. Last week I was in LAX and desperately needed to call a friend to let her know that my flight was cancelled after a five hour mechanical and that I’d be arriving at a much later time and at a different airport in D.C. Many times her phone never rang but the minutes kept running.”</p>
<p>“… just two weeks ago I spoke to customer service about constant dropped calls or calls that don’t even go through to begin with (still happening), 1-2 bars most of the time and i’m thinking my phone (yes iphone) is having issues. I call customer service and the representative tells me that there is nothing wrong with my phone.”</p>
<p>To be fair, there’s a sprinkling of goodwill mixed in. But for the most part, folks are just being honest: AT&T’s service sucks. </p>
</p><p>Here’s some more from later in the day — these are all from within the last 15 minutes.</p>
<p>“Kinda sucks that you have to ‘like’ AT&T before you can talk about what you don’t like. Let me be clear — AT&T still exists because of the iPhone!”</p>
<p>“While everything you have said in you latest email is encouraging…. the coverage that AT&T provides for phone service is AWFUL!!!!”</p>
<p>“I too find if comical that AT&T has asked for the public’s opinion. Look—when it works it works and then the only issue really is that AT&T has been gouging us for this and for that.”</p>
<p>“Hi, I own the iPhone 3Gs. Every since the Iphone 4 was released, my husband and I keep getting dropped calls and hardly ever get a good cellular signal anymore. We live in the Chicago area and normally service was good…”</p>
<p>“Coverage is crap in san Francisco! I get better service in the middle of the ocean in Hawaii than in one of the biggest cities!”</p>
<p>“Response to letter from ‘Chris Penrose’ - After moving to Magnolia TX, my service has been more than terrible. Numerous calls to customer service, dropped calls, no service at times.”</p>
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