…that is not true. We have a relationship with Microsoft and Bing is the search engine on our multi-media phones but we have never said it would be exclusive on all of our devices.

Yesterday, Verizon told Engadget that Bing won’t become the default search engine on all of its phones — only on “multi-media” phones (which, apparently, means some smartphones but not high-end Droids). Microsoft adds that it and Verizon haven’t hammered out an exclusivity deals.

That’s good, I guess. But it still means that some highly capable phones, like Samsung’s new Fascinate, are getting the short end of the stick. Were it not for its everlasting Bingness and additional bloatware, the Fascinate could hang with powerful phones like those in the Droid line. But Verizon is determined to kill that possibility in the name of bloat, like a $10/month maps application that, by all accounts, kind of sucks.

Computerworld’s JR Raphael has more on Verizon dumb decision.