It will be a very disappointing if the option to grab any App from the Marketplace from any Android device is no longer possible.

Skattertech’s Sahas Katta laments the perversion of Android’s openness via the restriction of some apps — Skype, Blockbuster, Qik Video Chat — to carrier-specific devices.

Ironically, given the Apple app store’s dalliances with censorship and restriction, Android users could be dealing with a more closed system than Apple ever oversaw.

As I’ve pointed out repeatedly, Google has given far too much leeway to the carriers to do what they want with the open and free Android. The result has been carriers abusing Android for short-term profit and device distinction.

Most people have never expected Verizon or AT&T to support the noble principle of a solid, open-source mobile operating system unless it benefitted their bottom line. The trouble is, Google is showing its true, bottom-line-loving colors as well, and is apparently complicit in the corruption of its beloved platform.