Verizon is essentially making Verizon Android phones different from all other Android phones. Say I buy an app through the V CAST app store then a year down the line I buy another Android device on Sprint. Guess what? It won’t work on the new device.

Verizon makes the clichéd argument that its breakaway app store is all about “choice.”

James Kendrick nails it when he says Verizon is afraid of becoming a “commodity connectivity provider,” aka a dump pipe, which is exactly what most of us wish it would be.

For Verizon — and nearly every other large carrier or network provider — the way out of becoming what its customers actually want it to be is to become a content provider (see: Comcast).

Imagine a world in a which a network, already flush with profits, is happy providing bandwidth and letting hardware and software manufacturers do the rest. Dream a little dream.