Just posted this on the FreeMyPhone blog:

<p>Two pieces of news this week confirm that T-Mobile is doing its best to overtake Verizon as the least consumer-friendly wireless carrier in the US.</p>
<p>First, a text-messaging company called EZ Texting sued T-Mobile, claiming that the carrier stopped the company from sending texts on behalf of clients because it didn’t approve of texts from WeedMaps.com, a website that provides maps of legal medical marijuana fields.</p>
<p>It goes without saying that if companies are promoting legal activity – and WeedMaps.com qualifies as legal — then the carriers have no business blocking their texts.</p>
<p>Second, T-Mobile announced it will start charging an extra fee to small businesses and other enterprises for sending texts over its network. The fee: an additional one-quarter of one cent on each text message (consumers won’t be hit by the tax — directly).</p>
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